Our Pledge to Quality

At Geoscience, we are fully committed to our quality policy put in place to assure our services wholly satisfy the needs of our clients at all times. Geoscience’s goal is to be the best provider of geoscientific and associated engineering solutions in the region. We are devoted to implementing, maintaining, and continually appraising our operational systems and processes to realise this end. 


The objectives and principles of the Quality Policy will be communicated and made readily available at all times to all staff. Besides, the Policy will also be available to clients upon request. To achieve the objectives, staff training will be an integral part of the strategy. 


The responsibility for delivering quality services rests with everyone at Geoscience. Each Team Leader has the responsibility for monitoring the Quality of services for their area of the business. Overall responsibility for maintaining and evaluating our Quality Management System rests with Geoscience Management Team.

Our Strategy to Quality

Geoscience firmly believes in the concept of contractor and client acting mutually to pursue this Policy and continually striving for better service quality. The Quality Policy is bound by elemental principles, which include;

1. Making sure that we fully identify and conform to the needs of our clients.
2. Reviewing the Company's service provision processes, identifying the potential for mistakes and taking the necessary steps to eradicate them.
3. Everyone at Geoscience understands how to execute their duties and produce the correct result the very first time.

Staff at Geoscience are responsible for identifying clients' demands and ensuring that requisite procedures are followed to satisfy those provisions so that the Policy is successfully executed. Management shall set, determine, review and monitor objectives needed to assure that the provisions of this Policy are met and that continual improvement is kept in accordance with the spirit of the Policy.
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Training & Support

• We shall ensure that all Geoscience personnel understand and fully implement Company's policies and objectives and are able to fulfil their duties efficiently through continuous training and development plans.
• All Geoscience staff shall be adequately instructed on the Quality Policy, its aims and objectives as part of their induction to the Company.
• Regular assessments are held for all staff to appraise performance and identify training needs.
• Geoscience staff shall receive full training to ensure they can perform all duties of their position, in line with the guidelines anchored in the Company's quality manuals.
• Once the training needs are identified, they are fed into an overall training program, assessed and implemented, considering prevailing budgetary constraints.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Geoscience will continually review and enhance our services to ensure assignments are completed in a timely and the most cost-effective manner for the interest of all our clients. 

Geoscience achieves this by:

  • Gathering client feedback following the end of each task
  • Conducting a yearly client survey on Quality
  • Strictly monitoring our ad hoc complaints and procedure alongside compliments 
  • Periodical management review meetings to assess and agree on actions to amend and improve the quality management system
  • Internal Auditing of our various operations, at a bi-annual basis