Geological mapping

We make use of modern geological mapping exercises to present the obtained field information data in a formal geologic report.

Identification and characterization of structural expression. Work on faulted horizons, such as the top of a reservoir interval, form the framework upon which exploration, appraisal and development initiatives are based. 

Structural mapping

Hydrogeological & Groundwater survey

The goal of a well-designed, groundwater exploration survey using geophysics is not just to find water, but to identify drill locations with the most potential for optimal production rates at the onset of the project

We carry out borehole drilling with appropriate machines. Geological rock samples are collected at every 2 meters intervals. Struck water levels and static water levels are monitored and recorded.

Borehole drilling and development

Test pumping and pump installation

Upon complete construction of Borehole Development, we shall use an electric submersible pump with fully functioning non-return valve in the pump itself. We shall then proceed with expeditious test pumping operations as shall be instructed by the consulting hydro geologist.

This  includes key analytical techniques used in modern science for identifying and characterizing rocks and sediments based on their mineralogical compositions and structures.

Petrographic studies

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