Environment, Health & Safety

Geoscience E.A. is committed to operating in a manner that prevents environmental, safety and health (ESH) accidents and incidents. We diligently carry out risks management, conservations of natural resources, environmental protection and provide for the safety of the public, contractors and employees in all areas of our operations.

GEA’s ESH Policy applies to all our operations and stipulates responsibilities for its successful implementation across all Company levels. In addition, ESH Policy recapitulates fundamental processes and integration strategies for handling the ESH elements of our Company, which include:

  • The implementation of the Company’s operations in keeping with all relevant customer, corporate, state and local ESH requirements
  • The documentation of ESH procedures, policies, guidance records, schedules and continuous improvement performance goals

The GEA’s Health and Safety goes beyond compliance to optimize operations through targeted health, safety and wellness prospects designed to secure a healthy working environment, safe working conditions, foster crew resiliency, and improve company value.

Together with our stakeholders, we make a difference by incorporating, nurturing, and instiling core health and safety competencies for workplace plans, practices, and employees to successfully implement the Company’s mission.